Energy of Slaves
Energy of Slaves Oil and the New Servitude By Nikiforuk, Andrew Book - 2012

This book is fairly well written and is a quick read. This book is close to a polemic as the author chooses his quotations and evidence from biased sources to fit his thesis. There are some flaws in the purported facts, analogies and conclusions. The author is aware of the limitations of the energy density of wind, solar and other energy technologies. The author is probably right in some conclusions with respect to what could happen in a short period of time if energy prices climb over a short period of time. The connection to oil versus progress is not as linear as the author portrays. The decay in Japan is not as he has portrayed, with all the blame on importing oil. This book is too simplistic a thesis to describe the situation in the world today. The conclusion of improving the situation by adapting our lifestyle as that of medieval Benedictine monks only reiterated the Christian theme of humanity that ran through the book. This viewpoint assumes a moral position which isn't necessarily shared by all people nor a true reflection of human nature. This book is worth reading but does not offer any real solution other then that which will prevail, end of the world as we know it with a vastly reduced quality of life and leisure for the developed and developing nations whether by choice or by force.

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