You Gotta Eat Here!
You Gotta Eat Here! Canada's Favourite Hometown Restaurants and Hidden Gems By Catucci, John Book - 2012

On The Food Network's "You Gotta Eat Here," comedian John Catucci seek out Canada’s most delicious, mouthwatering, over-the-top comfort food. He visits neighbourhood joints, greasy spoons and legendary restaurants to taste the food that made them famous and to meet the colourful characters that make them institutions. In Catucci's new book of the same name, he profiles 75 of these extraordinary eateries and includes over 100 of their recipes. From nine pound hamburgers to double-stuffed pizzas to deep-fried cheesecake, the fare is a far cry from health food but certainly leaves the reader wide-eyed.

The entertainment value of the book comes from its shock factor: just how many calories can a chef cram into a single dish? Unfortunately, as neither a chef, a cook nor a restauranteur, Catucci has absolutely no credibility when it comes to food, a fact that becomes painfully obvious when reading his descriptions of various dishes. Even his skills as a comedian don't shine here; his unsuccessful attempts at humour only make his writing obnoxious.

A fun book to flip through but definitely no culinary reference guide!

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