Odd Interlude
Odd Interlude A Special Odd Thomas Adventure By Koontz, Dean R. Book - 2013

Imagine you buy a car. It's pretty cool, and you're enjoying driving down the road in your neat car. Except after a little while you notice that one of the wheels has fallen off, and the others are making grinding noises. As you pass a shop window, you catch the reflection and see that you're now driving a clown car, and people are pointing and laughing at you.

Is this book like that? Well, not quite. But as I'm reading my way through the Odd Thomas series, I'm noticing a definite drift in the make up of the plot, from a little unusual and paranormal, to WORLDWIDE FREAKING CONSPIRACY AS THE FORCES OF GOOD AND EVIL FACE OFF ON THE EARTH!
Which isn't what I signed up for.

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