What is this? I mean, it's the length of a novel, but it's called "3.1" in the series and evidently we'll be gifted with another non-book before the "actual" fourth novel in the series. I'm really glad I got this from the library and didn't buy a copy.

On the upside, this is a nice little slice-of-life story about the friends rebuilding and adjusting to life after the recent war with the King of Hybern. Characters are moved on the board a bit to get ready for the next act. We see a couple of set-ups for new conflict and one possible creepy creature.

On the downside, this is literally a slice-of-life vignette about the characters being ready for and celebrating solstice (cough*Christmas*cough). I'd place this squarely in the romance novel category, a category I don't read, but imagine to be filled with this type of relentless thinking about, almost having, and finally having sex, written in the kind of detail and with word choices that can be so cringey that Penthouse Forum seems like literature in comparison.

While some disliked the shopping, which was second only to descriptions of sex, I did like the idea of Feyre getting used to having money to spend and her guilt over having more than others. She also deals with survivor's guilt and how best to use her gifts to help rebuild her kingdom.

If you want to know what happens, check it out, don't buy it.

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