Pacific Rim
Pacific Rim Uprising DVD - 2018

WOOF. This movie.

I came into this movie absolutely loving the first (and its director, Guillermo del Toro). Originally, GdT said he wanted the sequel to take the fight to the Precursors in their dimension.

Then GdT left and with him went his vision and all of his passion for the franchise.

This film is set up in an off in-between time. After the first film but before the planned eventual war with the Precursors. That made me ask multiple times in the theater, "Why does this movie exist? It's peace time...there's nothing going on."

But don't let that make you think the writers didn't try their damndest to manufacture a reason for this film (that falls completely flat). Seriously, every scene between characters feels like dialogue from a Michael Bay movie. *shudders*

Was the first movie cheesy? Yes. But the first movie KNEW it was cheesy. It KNEW it was a big smash 'em up robots and monsters movie. This sequel doesn't know what it wants to be and treads water in a pool of average.

ANYWAY, I won't spoil anything. Suffice to say that this film was a massive disappointment for me as a fan of the first. Sure, it has somewhat enjoyable action scenes involving giant robots and monsters...but that's about it.

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