This is a predictable mash-up of King Kong and Godzilla and a heck of a lot of other movies too. That said, Dwayne Johnson is always fun to watch—and this time with an excellent costar Naomie Harris.
Weak script, plot, and nothing is very logical. Certain ideas don't line up and neither do certain characters. Totally overacted villains and mostly every scene was just one predictable cringe-fest. It's a bit pathetic and a bit thrilling at the same time. There's plenty of humour to divert the critics and plenty of big booming action.
It isn't something I'd watch again, but it isn't entirely horrible either. No big dilemmas or shocking plot twists, just a plain old simple Dwayne movie. It's one Rampage of effects, quips, and gore (see what I did there?)

Gwen904's rating:
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