Having read this epic book many years ago, I rented it and again read it. There are some reviewers who find it a humorous/funny story. In reality, it is far from funny.
In this book, Orwell made references to the revolution in the Soviet Union - with absolute accuracy considering the murderous and inhuman behavior of the 'new and improved' leaders - Stalin and Trotsky in their crusade to "Make Russia Better".

Moving forward, past Hitler's similar crusade to make Germany better, we now arrive past other similar incidents, to the rise of Trump.

Orwell's brilliant analogy of Stalin to "Napoleon" the Pig-In-Charge of the Farm, brings the thought of Trump with his lies and distortions of reality along with a complete lack of empathy for those he rules (the U.S.). Orwell's story also includes another pig, "Squeaker", who becomes Napoleons mouthpiece He could easily be compared to Sara Saunders who has left her integrity by the garbage bin to support Trump.

The tragic backward evolution of the Farm to what it previously was, is a reflection of the demise of our society if we permit anarchists and demagogues to prevail.

As Orwell's novel concludes, we see clearly that truth can be destroyed and dished up to a gullible nation.

"The more things change, the more they remain the same", is the final summary of a once hopeful wish that became a futile endeavor to improve life on the Farm.

This classic book should be required reading for high school. Also for those individuals who seek reason behind the mindless world in which we live.

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