Counselor A Life at the Edge of History By Sorensen, Theodore C. Book - 2008

I found this book, and Sorensen, confusing. Perhaps Sorensen is completely honest and true blue? But he worked at a law firm (along with Carlyle Group co-founder, David Rubenstein) which has had some curious attorneys there, and Sorensen commented at a CFR retirement party for Peter G. Peterson, that Peterson was one of the great American patriots? Huh....? ? ? ? I would have to place Sorensen in the Dean Rusk/Ben Bradlee "wonder if they were CIA" list? Sorensen's law firm worked for some of the most disreputable private equity/hedge funds out there (including well-known public bankster, JPMorgan Chase).
In the final analysis, Sorensen was a gifted speech writer, but his opinion of the Warren Commission, and Warren Commission Report was decidedly disingenuous - - all one need do is to actually read the report to easily grasp what a pile of concocted drivel it was - - obvious follow-up questions never asked, witnesses who couldn't I.D. Oswald, but then the commission claimed they did, and all the evidence and witnesses they refused to consider and admit - - why Bugliosi and Posner are such frauds because I read the report, and they either have not or lied outrageously for the money. It wasn't until long after the commission we learned of Pfc. Eugene G. Dinkin, that great unsung American patriot who should never be forgotten. . .

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