Old Nazi secrets and giant castles! In a word, awesome.

The journey continues straight on from book 1 of this second series, not taking much time to fill you in on what has already occurred, which I appreciate. These books are very short and it would be a pity to waste any of their precious pages on people who haven't bothered to read the whole thing in order!

Even more so than the original, the Cahills vs the Vespers series weaves themes and plot through each of the episodes and although there is a new task each time, the overarching plot develops more gradually. I can barely tell that each book is written by a different author - the plot and character development has been so well planned.

I enjoy the direction the characters are going, especially with the introduction of two new (and very cool) brothers - Jake and Atticus - and the mysterious third element, the Guardians. Some aspects of the plot are getting a lot darker and daring to delve into themes the first series only skimmed past. I am eager to read more and see where all of this goes. If it's anything like before, the conclusion will be most rewarding!

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